ART-360 opens your eyes to the world of typography that everyone takes for granted. By critically examining the history of letterforms and closely observing their placement in the world, you will be able to refine your role as a visual communicator.

typographic journal
Type is everywhere! Collect samples of it. Sketch, photograph, scan, and collage. This journal will assist in creating your personal awareness, and hopefully an appreciation, of typography within your surroundings. Your research, sketches & inspiration for every project need to be in your journal.

Assessment is based on the following criteria: creativity, craft, understanding concepts presented in class, communication of the objectives of the course and project, and the student’s ability to present and discuss their and their peers’ work. Participation is crucial, so speak up! In-depth evaluation of the project will be returned with the final composite after an appropriate length of time for grading.

breakdown of points for the quarter
MAJOR PROJECTS (100 points each)
(1) Visualizing Type, (2) Alpha Beasts, (3) Visual Verse, (4) My Face
Concept and Effectiveness = 50 points
Craftsmanship (mock-ups & final) = 25 points
Development and Critique = 25 points

READINGS & QUIZZES (10 points each)
(1) From Gutenberg CH: 1-4, (2) From Gutenberg CH: 5-8, (3) Thinking: Letter, (4) Thinking: Text, (5) Type Recognition


Quality and Quantity = 25 points
Presentation = 10 points

IN-CLASS EXERCISES (5 points each)
(1) Name=Face, (2) Anatomy, (3) Type Faces
Concept and Effectiveness = 5 points

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