Courses Taught

Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri

Fundamentals of the Internet (Freshman)
An introductory lab-based course in communications to understand how today’s information is designed, delivered, and displayed on the internet. Students learn to write HTML / CSS documents with a text editor and and upload with ftp client to create a functional multi-page website.

Web Design (Sophomore)
A lab-based course that focuses on the development of web content guided by theoretical practices and adherence to current web standards. Students expand their understanding of HTML, CSS, and Javascript while managing their own web domain.

Interactive Web Development (Junior/Senior)
An upper level, lab-based course that demonstrates how today’s interactive web environments are installed, developed, and maintained. Students customize and enhance code, scripting libraries, and content management systems.

Design with Photoshop (Freshman)
A hands-on course that covers the fundamentals of digital image manipulation and graphic creation using Adobe‘s Photoshop. Students learn how digital images are created, enhanced, and prepared for use in today’s various forms of communication media.

Desktop Publishing (Junior/Senior)
This lab-based course is a hand-on exploration of communication through the digital design, layout, and production. Students learn how today’s digital pre-press environments utilize industry standard software to produce professionally printed materials.

Design with WordPress (Special Topic/Non-Major)
This special topic course helps understand how one of today’s most popular blogging / content management systems is used to build websites and publish content on the internet. Students will utilize extensible components combined with CSS and HTML to customize web design templates.

Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, Louisiana

Basic Design (Freshmen)
The objective of this course is to increase your ability to organize and present ideas in terms of a visual language. Students learn the elements and principles of design to increase the student’s awareness of art and design with hands-on exercises.

Introduction to Communication Design (Freshmen)
An introduction to the methods, processes, and principles of communication design. Students develop valuable hand skills through exercises and conceptual process-oriented projects.

Typography (Junior/Senior)
This course examines the history of letterforms and creates an awareness of typography within your surroundings through observation and hands-on projects in various forms of media. Students refine their role as visual communicators.

Advertising Campaigns (Junior/Senior)
Advanced studio projects exploring communication design and utilizing contemporary advertising media formats. Students are provided with basic information (a client profile) to begin an investigation and ultimately develop an intimate, in-depth familiarity with their chosen client and target audience.