Basic Design


The objective of this course is to increase your ability to organize and present ideas in terms of a visual language. An understanding of the basic elements of design (point & line, shape, texture, space & depth, value, and color) and the principles of design (unity & harmony, balance, scale & proportion, emphasis & contrast, rhythm & motion) are essential. Course work is designed to increase the student’s awareness of art and design with hands-on exercises. The class will consist of lectures, readings, quizzes, exercises, projects, discussions and group critiques.


Assessment is based on the following criteria: creativity, craft, understanding concepts presented in class, communication of the objectives of the course and project, and the student’s ability to present and discuss their and their peers’ work. Participation is crucial, so speak up! In-depth evaluation of the project will be returned with the final composite after an appropriate length of time for grading.

breakdown of points for the quarter
MAJOR PROJECTS (100 points each)
(1) A Closer Look, (2) Time to Flip, (3) Destroying and reassembling a square, (4) Designed to Move
Concept and Effectiveness = 50 points
Craftsmanship (mock-ups & final) = 25 points
Development and Critique = 25 points

CLASSROOM EXERCISES (10 points each)
Fifteen of the twenty class periods will have hands-on exercises. Participation will earn a “C” and will improve with your understanding of the goals and objectives.

Critical reading with written responses will be evaluated throughout the quarter.