Teaching Philosophy

My educational goal is to encourage collaboration and reinforce the value of thoughtful design.

I enjoy conversation in a classroom. By asking questions and initiating discussions, I engage students to interact and solve aggregate problems. I am interested in open-source movements that build knowledge and increase awareness through establishing a shared history. Students must be able to communicate effectively before entering an environment that integrates technology and distributes messages.

Maintaining a consciousness of design tradition to clarify decision making is also important. Learning from previous iterations, managing technical decisions and troubleshooting new variants must be second nature for multidisciplinary designers. I teach students to find solutions that allow for imagination and support the everyday references to help people interact and learn.

Finding direction and becoming self-reliant is critical. I demand students identify their strengths to create a personal process with a dependable work ethic that is flexible and effective. Creating solutions that ask questions and improve understanding for themselves, their clients and their audiences.