Desktop Publishing

This lab-based course is a hand-on exploration of communication through the digital design, layout, and production. Students learn how today’s digital pre-press environments utilize industry standard software to produce professionally printed materials.

PREREQUISITE: Design with Photoshop 


Each student will acquire knowledge of communication through the digital design, layout, and production of printed materials. Developing advanced computer skills with the use of Lindenwood’s computer facilities, the goal of Desktop Publishing is to understand how today’s digital pre-press environments utilize industry standard software to create, prepare, and produce professionally printed materials.

COURSE EXPECTATIONS: The principal means of instruction for this class will be through hands-on work, assigned readings, discussion, and lecture. Demonstrations will be used when appropriate and practical exercises will reinforce the class lectures. Individual student exploration and problem-solving are expected.

Assignments will include a variety of technical components, which will vary considerably in terms of the amount of time required to complete. You must be prepared for class on a daily basis. If you have prior experience that is closely related to the course content, notify the instructor immediately.

COURSE WORK: Student evaluation is based on the following academic criteria / percentages:

  • Reading Assignments (30%): This class has a required textbook, you will be responsible for weekly reading assignments. Students are expected to know the content and must be able to participate in quizzes, discussions, and/or in-class exercises.
  • Portfolio Projects (60%): Hands-on projects/assignments will be completed in class on a weekly basis. Basic understanding of the goals and objectives of each assignment will account for the majority of your grade.
  • Participation (10%): You are expected to work during each class period. Participation scores will be based on your in-class repsonses/understanding of the course material, as well as your attendance.

Assessment is based on a student’s ability to retain, discuss, and apply the concepts introduced in class that meet the objectives of the course. All course work must be submitted electronically through Blackboard in order to receive credit. Grades will be posted on Blackboard for each assignment. All students will receive a Midterm Grade  and a Final Grade.

Do not assume that showing up to class and handing in the required course work will give you high marks. Earning an A indicates that your work is exceptional; You attend class, understand the concepts, push the boundaries, participate regularly, and contribute to an active learning environment. You will have to work for an A.

This is an abbreviated syllabus for upper class design / communication students (junior/senior level)