MFA Reviews 2009

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Read my statement and see the body of work I presented for this year’s MFA reviews. Comments and questions are welcome.


During my last eight quarters at Tech, I have allowed my everyday life to influence my work. Initially, I treated graduate school like a job, I made a list of objectives and scheduled time appropriately to keep studio and domestic tasks separate. I struggled with course work and over-thought the majority of my assignments before I even started.
Photography allowed me to let go of many self-imposed restrictions. Technically, I didn’t understand the process or the mechanics, so I was forced to improvise, experiment, and live with the end product. Historically, I am inspired by the way technological advances are adapted and legitimized in art, industry, and communication. In terms of subject matter, I realized many artists kept bodies of work that were based on their home life. Gradually, I started to bring in objects and elements from home.
Focusing on playful interactions, unexplored perspectives, and odd relationships with toys, fruit, and domestic spaces allowed me to reconnect with my love for found objects, color, and language. Heading into thesis, I am examining communication problems with the food we buy at the supermarket. If you look at ingredient lists and the nutritional facts, there is a call for more awareness.